what is the difference between black and green olives?

We often wonder about the difference between green and black olives, and which one is more important? Are there trees that produce green olives and others that produce black olives?
The answer is that one olive tree produces both types, and the difference between them is the date of harvest, where the ripening period of the fruits passes in green, then red, and finally black.
Olives are harvested in the first stage when they are green, and green olives are distinguished by containing a greater amount of sodium, magnesium, and calcium.
While black olives contain more fats and unsaturated fatty acids that are very beneficial for health, green olives are more ideal for diet.
It is worth noting that both are very beneficial for health, as olives, in general, are an important source of vitamin E and vitamin C, in addition to containing many mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorous, which are very useful for the health of the intestines, bones, heart and blood circulation, in addition to the health of hair, skin, and nails.
Nutrition experts recommend eating 5 olives a day to benefit from its enormous benefits in treating and preventing diseases.