About Us

Olive land brief

We are Al Monairy group owned and operated olive land with an area of 3900 acres for land reclamation and olive cultivation. olive land lies at wadi Alnatron which is well-known with its Mediterranean Sea climate that is suitable to produce excellent types of olives. From the outset, we determined to grow good quality olive for a superior product we could be proud of so we use the latest modern technical methods which improve the soil and produce higher quality table olives, without using pesticides.
Using this quality in agriculture and irrigation will lead the local and international arena in olive cultivation
we offer several varieties of olives handpicked to produce premium products:
- Egezy olives (Spanish style)
- Bicual olives
-manzanello olives (greek style)
which pickled carefully to produce:
-whole green olives
-whole black olives
-kalamata black olives

Our vision is to provide the Egyptian market with high-quality types of pickled olives and enter the global market at a steady pace.