Benefits of olive leaves tea

Every day, scientists discover new miracles of the olive tree. In addition to the benefits of the enormous olive fruits, benefits were discovered for its leaves and they are used as an extract in the form of capsules or by boiling its leaves with water.
The importance of olive leaf tea lies in the fact that it contains active compounds and antioxidants. The most important benefits of olive leaf tea are:
1- Contribute to lowering blood pressure
The use of olive leaf tea may contribute to lowering blood pressure in people who suffer from high pressure.
2- Contribute to boosting immunity
Compounds and antioxidants contribute to strengthening the immune system to fight diseases and heal wounds.
3- Contribute to blood glucose control
Continuing to take olive leaf tea helps control blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of diabetes.
4- Contribute to pain relief
Customers have discovered that olive leaf extract has an effect similar to some types of pain relievers.
5- Contribute to enhancing brain functions
Boiled olive leaves help prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
However, one should beware of drinking olive leaf tea too much, and consult a doctor before using it, especially for people who suffer from chronic diseases, because it may conflict with medications.